99 Bricks art styles through the years

In a previous post I promised to tell you more about the art style of 99 Bricks and in ‘Burning Pockets’ I talked about the shift to the Wizard Academy theme. Below I’m showing you a timeline of all the styles we had for 99 Bricks since 2008:

2008: 99 Bricks Classic

The classic 99 Bricks on Kongregate.com was very techno. At that moment we didn’t have a schooled artist, we were just a team of programmers, so that is also reflected in the design somewhat. The Bricks themselves were made by a friend of ours.

99 Bricks Classic

2009: 99 Bricks Legend Of Garry

A level-based version of 99 Bricks with puzzles and a story, released first on Armor Games. We still didn’t have an artist, but we did have some budget this time around, so we asked M. Vermeulen of 9meter design to help us out. Also we tried our hands on a story. You play Garry who has to save Brickonia from Evil Harry by building towers to spread the light… (…seriously????)

I think we stretched it out too thin, I still love the puzzle levels though.

Legend of Garry

2010: Technoid Trouble

A special adaptation of 99 Bricks for the Club Galactik MMO created by Virtual Fairground (based on the series Galactik Football). By completing missions in Technoid Trouble, the player unlocked new areas in the Club Galactik world. The art for this version was done by Virtual Fairground.

Fun fact: S. Louwe, our game designer and the artist for 99 Bricks Wizard Academy, was working at Virtual Fairground at the time and did the mission design for Technoid Trouble.

Technoid Trouble

2010: 99 Bricks 2 Concepts

From here on we finally had an in-house artist in the person of D. Grinwis, so these were the first designs we made since the original!

For GamesCom 2010 we created a game design document for 99 Bricks 2, which was about creating shapes instead of building the highest tower. We pitched the idea to Sony as a Mini, but it didn’t work out. (Read more about why here).

Maybe 99 Bricks Wizard Academy will make it to Vita??? Let’s hope so…

Concept for 99 Bricks Mini

99 Bricks 2 Promo

2011:  99 Bricks Mobile Concepts

We started with the development of 99 Bricks for mobile in 2011. We started out this project as a quick port from Flash to mobile, that’s why the first designs look a lot like the 99 Bricks Classic. Here are some of those concepts.


2012: 99 Bricks Wizard Academy

In 2012 we decided a straight port just wouldn’t cut it. We worked on new gameplay, did a style poll amongst our fans and tried out multiple designs to get to our final look and feel for 99 Bricks Wizard Academy.

Style Poll


So here we are, the final product. Is this better than anything before? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!


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