Teaching players through puzzle design

We were already pretty far in the production process of Tricky Towers when we decided to add a completely new mode; Puzzle mode. Based on missions in 99 Bricks Wizard Academy where you had to place a number of bricks below a certain height, this mode was a nice variation to the stressy Race and […]

Snappy Analog Controls

When you create a game one of the most important things to get right from the start are the controls. If your controls are nice and solid then it’s a lot easier to create layers of gameplay on top of that. If your controls are weird and twitchy then you’ll find yourself tweaking a lot […]

Utilising Unity shaders to recreate Photoshop blend modes

During the development of Tricky Towers it was my responsibility to research shader effects in order to spice up our graphics a bit. I was quite new to WeirdBeard and working with Unity, and WeirdBeard were quite new to using shaders, since we’d predominantly made games for mobile and browser in the past. I’m by […]

Game Show Pack List (GSPL)

I was going to write a blog about my experience exhibiting at Paris Games Week and compare it to GamesCom, but rather quickly it turned into a list of what to take when going to a conference (a bit like those vacation packing checklists). Maybe not as fun to read, but definitely more useful. Download the google […]

99 Bricks insight: A slight breeze

We already told you about the happy accidents we sometimes had during the development of 99 Bricks. The idea of adding wind is one of them. In the classic version of 99 Bricks we used Box2D as our physics engine. Because of the imprecision of Box2D, your tower would start wobbling around after a while, messing […]

Creating a loveable character

There are many uncertainties in life. But one thing we all know for sure; if your mobile game has a character it needs to be loveable and cute! Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt but we knew we wanted it for 99 Bricks. The nature of the game is very […]

99 Bricks art styles through the years

In a previous post I promised to tell you more about the art style of 99 Bricks and in ‘Burning Pockets’ I talked about the shift to the Wizard Academy theme. Below I’m showing you a timeline of all the styles we had for 99 Bricks since 2008: 2008: 99 Bricks Classic The classic 99 […]

Free-to-Read articles on Free-to-Play

Wow, it has been a while since our last blog post. What have we been doing you are asking? We have been monitoring the 99 Bricks Wizard Academy Soft Launch and working on some other projects. We have had a lot of discussions on free-to-play design and how to improve 99 Bricks’s retention and monetization, […]

Burning Pockets

So last time I promised to tell you more about how we got to the Wizard Academy theme after the Facebook style poll. Well here we go. We went to a Local Multiplayer Meetup in Utrecht organized by Vlambeer’s game designer Jan Willem Nijman. We all had an iDevice with a build of 99 Bricks […]

From Flash to Paper to Lessons Learned

We are an indie developer, but that doesn’t mean we shy away from publishers. Don’t get me wrong, we are very happy being independent, but from the very first beginning we have been looking for publishers for 99 bricks. Starting with the original Flash game, where you just had to build the highest tower with […]