Tricky Towers

With your brilliant robe and magic powers, it’s time to build some Tricky Towers! Stack your bricks to create a stable tower and try to topple those of your opponents. Cast magic to support your structure and fend off the dark spells of your rivals in this frantic physics party game. Play with up to […]


99 Bricks: Wizard Academy

You’ve always dreamed of becoming a wizard, only one thing is missing: your own wizard tower! Use all your magical skills to defy gravity and build the highest tower the world has ever seen. But watch out for the other wizards, they will stop at nothing to crumble your creation. 99 Bricks Wizard Academy is […]


99 Bricks

In 99 Bricks you have to try and built the highest possible tower with 99 Bricks. The game looks very simple, but you have to plan ahead and think about a stable construction or your tower will fall in this physics simulation. This game was released in October 2008 and has been played over 15 […]