Inspiration in strange places

Most people who have played 99 Bricks (or watched the trailer of the upcoming 99 Bricks Wizard Academy) think the original inspiration is pretty clear. But most people think wrong.


Back in 2007 my two WeirdBeard co-founders were seriously addicted to playing ‘Wario Ware Smooth Moves!’ for Wii. Wario Ware consists of local multiplayer competition where you compete in bite-size mini games against your friends. In my experience finding out what you should do was often harder than the actual mini game itself. One of the Mini games is called ‘Block Star’. For which you had to use the pose: ‘The Waiter’ in which you balance the Wii-mote on your hand. In this game you have to place falling bricks on a plateau and balance it for a couple of seconds.

They loved playing this game but mastered it rather quickly and actually wanted to have longer and more challenging gameplay. So what if the blocks just kept coming?

From that idea it took all the way to the end of 2008, when we selected Block Tower from our prototype list to become our next game. R0016 was the prototype that would later become 99 Bricks.

You can still play the original 99 Bricks on Kongregate. Where it was first released:

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