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Dr. Game Surgeon Trouble is a fun way to train situational awareness and trouble shooting skills for surgical residents, surgeons and other operating room staff. Dr. Game was developed as part of Project Patient Safety in collaboration with AMC, TNO, DGG, Taskforce Innovatie Utrecht and powered by CbusineZ. Medical content created and validated by Academic Medical Center Amsterdam.



Dr. Game Surgeon trouble is the result of a Patient Safety Bootcamp organized by the Dutch Game Garden (DGG), the Amsterdam Medical center, (AMC), TNO and Taskforce Innovation Utrecht. During this bootcamp WeirdBeard developed a prototype of the game then called LapChol. Together with AMC and CbusineZ the prototype is turned into Dr. Game Surgeon Trouble.


  • Train Situational Awareness
  • Train troubleshooting Equipment Problems
  • While having fun!
  • Compete with your colleagues
  • Track progress of your staff


Serious gaming in AMC YouTube




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Scientific publications on Dr Game
Download the article "Game-based training improves the surgeon’s situational awareness in the operation room: a randomized controlled trial" drga.me.

About WeirdBeard

Hi, we're WeirdBeard Games – an independent game studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our games are a healthy mix of good, clean fun and our own quirky sense of humor. We like to make games that can be played by everyone, but still provide a bit of a challenge for those gamers who are more experienced. We are the developers of games such as Tricky Towers and 99 Bricks: Wizard Academy.

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Dr. Game: Surgeon Trouble Credits

Niels Monshouwer
Managing Director

Joram Rafalowicz
Creative Director

Samar Louwe
Game Director, Artist

Joran de Raaff
Programmer, Web developer

Jonathan van Woudenberg

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